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Pre-Stretched Braiding Hair

Wholesale Pre-Stretched Braiding Hair is sometimes called Pre-Pulled or even Pre-Feathered braiding hair. No matter what you call it, pre-stretched braiding hair is all the same.  Pre Stretched braiding hair saves professional hair braiders time and money.  The first to make Pre-Stretched Braiding Hair was EZBraid. Now almost every brand has their own version. You can purchase pre-stretched braiding hair on wholesalebraidinghair.com at wholesale prices!   

Prestretched Braiding Hair
37 results
2X RUWA X-Pressions Braiding Hair 30"
2X X-Pression Outre 42"
2X XPression Braiding Hair
2X X-Pression Prestretched Braid 72"
3X RUWA X-Pressions Braiding Hair 18"
3X RUWA X-Pressions Braiding Hair 24"
3X X-Pression Kids 28"
3X X-Pression Outre 42"
3X X-Pression Outre 52"
3X X-Pression Outre 72"
3X X-Pression Outre Braid Up 46"
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3X X-Pression Outre Braid Up 56"
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3X X-Pression Prestretched Braid 58"
4X Xpression Braiding Hair
6X RUWA X-Pressions Braiding Hair 24"
6X X-Pression Outre 52"
Bobbi Boss 3X Just Braid 54"
Bobbi Boss 3X King Tips Body Wave 28"
Bobbi Boss Jumbo Braid Feathertip 3X
Bobbi Boss Just Braid Prism
Freetress 3X Braid 301 34"
Freetress 3X Clean Therapy 40"
Magic Fingers Stasha 3X X-Pression Pre Stretched Braid 52"
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Rastafri Classic Jumbo Pre Stretched 25"
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Rastafri Freed'm Silky Pre Stretched Braid
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Rastafri Goddess Curl Braid 54"
Spetra EZ Braid 26"
Spetra EZ Braid 4X 20"
Spetra EZ Braid 4X 26"
Spetra EZ Braid Kids 12" 2X
Spetra EZ Braid Rainbow 30"
Supreme Super X TZ Braid 48"
Supreme Super X TZ4 Braid 38"
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Urban Beauty Queen B 4X Multipack 50"
Urban Beauty Queen B 50"
X-Jumbo Xpression Braiding Hair 56"
X-Pression Outre Lil Looks 32"
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