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Dark & Lovely Protective Styles Tension Tamer 4 oz.
Dark & Lovely Protective Styles Hair Refresher 3.4 oz.
Dark & Lovely Protective Styles Detangling Cream 6.8 oz.
Dark & Lovely Protective Styles Cleansing Water 8 oz.
Edgebooster Pomade Stick 2.36 oz.
Lock Booster Rosehip 10.1 oz.
Lock Booster Marula 10.1 oz.
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Lock Booster Peppermint 10.1 oz.
Sold Out
EBIN Sexy Cat Eyelash Extensions 002 - Taurus
Sold Out
EBIN Doll Cat Eyelash Extensions 001 - Genevieve
Sold Out
EBIN Wild Cat Eyelash Extensions 012 - Sassy
Sold Out
EBIN Wild Cat Eyelash Extensions 010 - Chloe
Eve Hair Wrap Ponytail Silky Straight
Eve Hair Wrap Ponytail Malaysian Wave 18"
Eve Hair Drawstring FHP 355
Sold Out
Eve Hair Drawstring Ponytail FHP-368
Supreme Super X TZ Braid 48"
Sold Out
Supreme Super X TZ4 Braid 38"
Sold Out
3X RUWA X-Pressions Braiding Hair 18"
6X RUWA X-Pressions Braiding Hair 24"
2X RUWA X-Pressions Braiding Hair 30"
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2X XPression Braiding Hair
3X RUWA X-Pressions Braiding Hair 18"
3X RUWA X-Pressions Braiding Hair 24"
Outre Braid Babe 54"
EZ Braid Platinum 26"
EZ Braid Rainbow 30"
EZ Braid 4X 20"
EZ Braid 26"
EZ Braid 26"
EZ Braid 4X 20"
EZ Braid 4X 26"
EZ Braid Platinum 26"
Bobbi Boss Nu Locs Boho French Deep 20"
Bobbi Boss Kinky Curl 12"
Lulutress 3X Bohemian Locs 20"
Bobbi Boss Nu Locs 36"
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Wholesale Braiding Hair
Bobbi Boss Jamaica Braid
Eve Hair Mhali Braid 16"
How To Start A Hair Braiding Business

How To Start A Hair Braiding Business

Braiding Hair is an art, and the styles of braids range from box braids to micro braids to knotless and to cornrows. While it takes great talent and skill to braid hair, to make money from your work as a professional you must follow your state's cosmetology guidelines. Such regulations are in place to educate hair braiders and ensure the safety of consumers. If you're looking to start a hair braiding business, you can do many things to grow your venture into a success.

Step 1.

Contact your state's board of cosmetology to see what are the requirements for braiding hair professionally -- requirements vary vastly between states. In some areas you need a cosmetology license, while other states require a specific braiding license.

Step 2.

Obtain the business licenses required in your state to start a service business, such as a fictitious name certificate (DBA), Employer Identification Number or state tax identification number. If you plan to sell hair care products to your clients, you may also need retail permits.

Step 3.

Lease or buy a space to braid your client's hair. In some areas, you may be allowed to braid hair from home. Another option is to rent a space, often referred to as “booth rental,” at an established salon.

Step 4.

Open accounts with the hair care product lines you prefer to use, or a beauty supplier like Wholesale Braiding Hair. Professional discounts typically range between 20 percent and 40 percent off retail price at most places, but you usually need to provide a cosmetology license, business license, and identification to get an account.  You'll find the biggest discounts on your favorite braiding hair at wholesalebraidinghair.com.

Step 5.

Build a portfolio of braid styles you're able to do well by taking photos of clients you have worked with. To create your initial portfolio, offer to braid the hair of friends and family for free, or a reduced price.  Then post the photos on your own website, blog, or on social media outlets like Instagram and Facebook, which are both very popular platforms for professional hair braiders.

Step 6.

Market your hair braiding business. Offer business cards to each client, open a promotional blog or website, set up social networking accounts, distribute news releases to local media outlets or submit photos of your work to be featured in hair styling and braiding magazines and websites.  Good Luck!
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