Bobbi Boss

Wholesale Bobbi Boss Braiding Hair is one of the top hair product distributors with one of the largest facilities in the world. Renown as the leading provider of the most fashionable wigs, extensions and hair pieces in a wide range of selection and uncompromising quality, the reputation in accountability and excellence has been widely recognized throughout the industry.

Bobbi Boss is driven to make a difference in fashion for our customers, by continuously staying competitive and innovative. A substantial allocation of investment is put into the research and development department for standing on top of the changing and growing desires of customers and today's vital market. Midway's dedicated R& D department consists of industry professionals with over 35 years of experience and knowledge, closely sharing and exchanging the inspiration and the new technology with the world's largest manufacturers of synthetic and human hair products.
Bobbi Boss
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Bobbi Boss Just Braid Prism
Bobbi Boss 3X King Tips Body Wave 28"
Bobbi Boss 3X Just Braid 54"
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Bobbi Boss Nu Locs 18"
Bobbi Boss Jamaica Braid
Bobbi Boss Nu Locs 24"
Bobbi Boss Nu Locs Distressed Butterfly Locs 12"
Bobbi Boss Nu Locs 14"
Bobbi Boss Nu Locs 36"
Bobbi Boss Nu Locs Distressed Butterfly Locs 24"
Bobbi Boss Kinky Curl 12"
Bobbi Boss Nu Locs Distressed Butterfly Locs 18"
Bobbi Boss Nu Locs Boho French Deep 20"
Bobbi Boss Nu Locs Boho Water 18"
Bobbi Boss 3X Calif Butterfly Locs 10"
Bobbi Boss Micro Locs 18"
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