Black Friday Clearance

Black Friday is the start of the Christmas shopping season and there is no better place to find discounts on the hair items you love than Wholesale Braiding Hair. Take advantage of this opportunity to obtain items at a discount. Buy now!  This sale won't last long.
Black Friday Clearance
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TRU Braid 4X Jumbo Braid 58"
Rastafri Tiki Curl 12"
Rastafri Water Wave 16"
Rastafri Bahama Curl 12"
Rastafri Tahiti Curl 12"
Rastafri Bora Bora Curl 18"
Rastafri Egyptian Passion Twist 18"
Rastafri H2O Creek Curl 18"
Rastafri Flat Twist & Curl 8"
Rastafri Awa Curl 12"
Rastafri Awa Curl 14"
Rastafri Safari Curl 18"
Rastafri Maui Curl 12"
Rastafri Flat Twist & Curl 12"
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Diane Home Cut Kit - DCS010
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