Marley / Jamaica / Kinky Braid

Marley or Jamaica or Kinky braid hair is a type of hair that is used to create popular styles like Marley Twists. It is not an actual style. The hair is composed of a synthetic fiber called kanekalon. The reason women with coarser hair types go for this type of synthetic hair to create the most sought after hairstyles is simply because it blends nicely with their natural hair texture. On the other hand, women who don’t have a coarse natural hair texture, simply love it because of the thick and full look it creates. You can find Marley Braid for wholesale prices on
Marley / Jamaica / Kinky Braid
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Bobbi Boss Jamaica Braid - 1 - Jet Black
Bobbi Boss Jamaica Braid - 1B - Natural Black
Bobbi Boss Jamaica Braid - 2 - Dark Brown
Bobbi Boss Jamaica Braid - 27 - Honey Blonde
Bobbi Boss Jamaica Braid - 4 - Medium Brown
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