EZ Braid 4X

Wholesale EZ Braid 4X could possibly be the best braiding hair available in the synthetic hair market today.  Some of the best features of EZ Braid are how it's itch free, sweat resistant, ultra light weight, and it's quick and easy to use.  EZ Braid is pre-stretched and will save you hours of time either installing or sitting in the styling chair.  The length of EZ Braid comes in 26 inches.  EZ Braid is a sub brand of Innocence Hair and was the first hair on the market that already comes itch-free and pre-stretched. EZ Braid 4X - Quatro - Get 4 Packs in One!
wholesale ezbraid 4x
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EZ Braid 4X - 1 - Jet Black
EZ Braid 4X - 1B - Natural Black
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EZ Braid 4X - 2 - Dark Brown
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EZ Braid 4X - 27 - Honey Blonde
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EZ Braid 4X - 30 - Light Auburn
EZ Braid 4X - 4 - Medium Brown
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EZ Braid 4X - 900 - Burgundy
EZ Braid 4X - T1B27 - Ombre Natural Black Honey Blonde
EZ Braid 4X - T1B30 - Ombre Natural Black Light Auburn
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EZ Braid 4X - T1B900 - Ombre Natural Black Burgundy
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